Tíortha an Domhain

When learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary can be a tedious, albeit necessary, task. Although I am not a beginner in Irish, I still find that I have to spend a lot of effort trying to piece together various every-day words that I might like to use. It is hard to identify your blind-spots. Sometimes you are ten minutes into a conversation about home brewing before you realise you don’t know the words for “yeast”, “mead”, or “carboy”.

A couple of weeks ago, I set myself the task of learning the countries of the world. The goal was to translate a quiz (available on Sporcle) from English to Irish and spend a few weeks drilling the names until I could recite them all. I had no specific reason for choosing countries other than it seemed to be a distinct and egregious gap in my vocabulary.

Accountability is hard to achieve when you are self-educating. There is nobody around to guilt you if you let slip your studies. To stay focused on my goal, I stipulated that the final step must be to record a short video of myself completing the quiz, which I would post on Twitter. On Saturday night, I finished my little exam, and the result can be seen in the video below.

I have made the quiz publically available should you, yourself wish to practice the countries of the world as Gaeilge. You can try it out here:

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